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The leader of the industry

For More than 15 years our company produces and distributes electromechanical products and electronic components on the Russian market.

·             Terminal blocks                            ·         Relays
Cable glands and accessories     ·         Enclosures

 …and many others

 We provide technical solutions for a wide range industrial sectors such as

·             automation                  ·         access control systems                    ·         tool making
nuclear industry          ·         energy                                             ·         automotive
rail transport               ·         public utilities                                    ·         telecommunications

… and many others.

We deeply appreciate the cooperation with our partners, many of which have become friends.

Today our company has a large staff of certified specialists who work in partnership with the world leaders, such as: AVC, Dinkle, Song Chuan, Ensto, TST, AGRO, KST, Cosmo, FineTek, ADtek. A large warehouse complex and professional technical support allow us to promptly respond to the needs of more than 7000 customers by shipping products just in time.

The group of companies ECT is one of the industry leaders indeed.

During the past fifteen years the market we operate in has been advancing and developing. New technologies and new equipment has changed the way of conducting business and life itself. We are proud of the fact that we keep up the place constantly offering new products, new solutions, and improving business processes.

Our company takes pride in the highest standards of quality:  professionalism of our staff, effectiveness of management, reliability of components are the pillars upon which we have built our processes.

Quality policy

The main goal of our group of companies consists in providing to our customers high-quality products and services in time. Our products and services comply with the provisions of international standards ISO of 9000. We achieve our goals by:

·         gaining the reputation of a reliable source that supplies quality products at competitive prices;

·         selecting reliable suppliers who ensure an uninterrupted supply chain for high quality products;

·         manufacturing and delivering products according to the requirements of each customer;

·         providing leadership and enjoying responsibility;

·         common goal for all subsidiaries of the Company;

·         continuous improvement of expertise and professional skills of employees on all levels

Our products and services must meet the highest industry standards. We achieved this goal by continuous improvement of system efficiency and business processes. We empower each employee by promoting their personal responsibility.

 Contact us  +7 (499) 559-9959,  ect@ect.ru

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